Meet the 'Inglorious Basterds' of Misinformation. 

Cognitive Security Technologies' core team, advisory board, and research affiliates include visionaries from the academic, business, political, and national security communities who were among the earliest to recognize the threat of adversarial weaponized misinformation. We have been working since mid-2016 on foundational frameworks and software tools. Now, our customers benefit from the most comprehensive expertise in the newest domain of cybersecurity.


David M. Perlman, CEO

David M. Perlman, Ph.D., left his job at Twitter to build a team to fight back against disinformation, market manipulation, and digital deception. He saw that conventional tools like content moderation, user sanctions, fact-checking, and even legislation and public education were failing to turn the tide of information disorder. Since 2016 he has developed a multidisciplinary approach to studying online propaganda and misinformation, combining data science, psychology, systems theory, and human-computer interaction in novel models. This holistic view led to the strategy of "information aikido," where instead of confronting disinformation campaigns head-on, they are deflected and undermined. He has presented to defense officials and business leaders on social networks and psychological influence. He has also led a workshop for NATO officials in London, co-authored a chapter on digital disinformation for SOCOM and Lawrence Livermore, and presented on corporate risks of misinformation security at the Black Hat cybersecurity conference. In his previous incarnations, he studied physics, electrical engineering, information technology, and game theory, and received his doctorate in cognitive science. He used functional brain imaging, psychophysiology, and behavioral economics to study attention, emotion, and identity. One of his many career highlights was presenting his research one-on-one to H.H. (His Holiness) The Dalai Lama at a monastery in India.  

Pablo Breuer, CTO

Chief Technology Officer Pablo Breuer has served at U.S. Special Operations Command Donovan Group, SOFWERX, the National Security Agency, and U.S. Cyber Command as well as being the Director of C4 at U.S. Naval Forces Central Command. He is a DoD Cyber Cup and Defcon Black Badge winner and has been adjunct faculty at National University, California State University Monterey Bay, and a Visiting Scientist at Carnegie Mellon CERT/SEI. He has taught classes for various U.S. government agencies and industry on topics ranging from malware reverse engineering and exploits development to cyber policy and authorities. Pablo is also a founder and board member of The Diana Initiative, an InfoSec event focused on advancing the careers of women in cybersecurity, and is on the staff for BSides Las Vegas and CircleCityCon. Pablo holds degrees in computer science and is a Ph.D. candidate in information science.

Thaddeus E. Grugq, CIO

Chief Intelligence Officer Thaddeus e. grugq, better known as grugq, has been analyzing and authoring content about related security — cyber-security, operational-security, misinfo-security, and more — for around 25 years. His writings range from in-depth papers on forensics and anti-forensics to a detailed analysis of events that skirt both international espionage and cybersecurity. He invented the field of "anti-forensics.". His work in a pioneering article that presented a detailed report encompassing forensic technology, tools, and workflows, and institutional culture. Thanks to his integrative socio-technical approach and experience, he is now one of the most insightful researchers and commentators on misinfosec. grugq has been cited in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Wired (magazine), and Vice (magazine) and has presented at numerous security conferences around the world. grugq has grown a large following online, and as of April 2019 had over 102k followers on Twitter and over 30k followers on Medium.  

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