The New Frontier in Security.

The threat landscape has changed. Cyberattacks are no longer the only threat on the Internet. Now the Internet is itself an attack platform for the cognitive sphere. We are the only company that provides action-oriented security products and services that protect the socio-technical system of your enterprise. We call it Misinfosec™: Misinformation Security.  


Taming the frontier of weaponized misinformation.

Our technology maximally facilitates early detection and attribution of disinformation campaigns and other targeted deception attacks, while safeguarding and protecting your business interests.


We built the AMITT™ framework used by the new Cognitive Security Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (CS-ISAO) and help maintain the infrastructure for it.


Our team of iconic cybersecurity visionaries saw the need for a new kind of security early on. We used the history of cybersecurity to plan our suite of products and services — and the roadmap to the future of Misinfosec™.


We are the first and only team to develop the science of security for socio-technical systems. And our core and advisory team includes many of the people who built cybersecurity in the first place.  

Cogsec in the news and social media: #cogsec

Let's redefine the future of digital security.

The Internet has always been a wild new frontier. Its early days were full of utopian visions of unity, truth, and transparency. More recently, deep questions have been raised about the integrity and security of an information network built on the foundation of an extractive attention economy. Even beyond the subjects of public health, analysis of the origins and flows of information leading to critical current events have starkly revealed that the design flaws in social networks make it all too easy for malicious state and non-state actors to weaponize misinformation to earthshaking effect aggressively. Now, the Internet seems more like the deceptive, dystopian frontier of West World than the final frontier of Star Trek. The new weapon of misinformation requires not just new defenses, but a new vision of security. Cognitive Security Technologies is at the forefront of this new vision. To build and expand our vision and offer our products and expertise to the most significant number of customers and researchers, we are currently actively welcoming early-stage investments. If you are interested, please contact us below, and we will arrange a phone call or video conference.  


Our Visionary Team

Cognitive Security Technologies' core team, advisory board, and research affiliates include visionaries from the academic, business, political, and national security communities who were among the earliest to recognize the threat of adversarial weaponized misinformation. We have been working since mid-2016 on foundational frameworks and software tools. Now, our customers benefit from the most comprehensive expertise in the newest domain of cybersecurity.  

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Are you worried about how deepfakes, botnets, troll farms, weaponized conspiracy theories, etc. will hurt your business? Contact us for a free consultation. We can provide an introductory Misinfosec Threat Model™ and discuss how we can help protect you.